Runway rubber removal
by high pressure
water blasting

more about water blasting
runway cleaning

Waterblasting technology is suitable for runway cleaning, airport marking removal and runway rubber removal.

Our system consists of ultra-high pressure water pump, working with the maximum pressure of 2.750 bars, supplemented by vacuum recovery system, mounted on MAN chassis. One of the main reasons why investors and customers prefer water jet removal is the speed of work. When removing rubber at the airport landing ground, we are able to achieve maximum removal speed of 3.500 to 4.000 square meters per hour.

Another crucial factor of choice is the price of removal. By using the most advanced and modern technology, our customer does not pay more than for the old methods used so far. Excluding winter downtime due to the freezing months Stripe Hog has been used and tested in the removal of all types of horizontal road marking on roads, highways and airports.